The Cycle of Life “Alive and Kicking Tour de NB” in support of Mental Health

We did it!!
1000 kms in just 7 Days!

The Cycle of Life Team would like to thank everyone for their support, well wishes, smiles and waves of encouragement along the way. We couldn’t have done it with you.

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated to support the Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick. A reminder that we will be accepting donations for one more week and you can still donate by clicking the link below. In addition, read the exciting news from the CMHANB below:


Cycle of Life Team
Joey, Sonia, Stan, Katie, Stephen, Todd, Cheryl and Shane

So, who are “we”?….

The Cycle of Life Team is a group of cyclists… of friends…of ordinary people living ordinary lives (Thanks Barry Gibb for that line!) We come from varying backgrounds yet are all grounded in making life as positive an experience as it can be…. 

Don Mabee (General Manager, Oldies96) and Matt Mabee (Program Director/Operations Manager, Oldies96) with the 2021 Cycle of Life Team at the Oldies96 Studios in Rothesay.

Let’s state the obvious… Things don’t necessarily go the way any of us on this beautiful planet want , do they?

On that note here’s a question for YOU…

How are YOU doing TODAY?

Randy Pausch once wrote that the ‘walls’ we encounter in our lives are not necessarily obstacles at all… they merely exist to show us how badly we want something!!

Over the past months EVERY ONE has been impacted and everyone has learned something… We’ve learned that we love life! We enjoy smiling, laughing, sharing in the tough times, and looking forward to the future!! We’ve learned that we are all IN THIS LIFE TOGETHER through ALL OF IT.

We’ve learned that things start with our inner soul … and pollinate outwardly from there.

And we’ve also learned that herein, there exists a problem…

Did you know that:

– 1 in 5 Canadians in any given year suffer from mental illness or an addiction problem? (

– By the time a Canadian reaches 40 years of age, 1 in 2 have – or have had- a mental illness? (

– The leading cause of disability in Canada is Mental Illness? (

Mental wellness has taken some extra body shots as of late … but we’re still here, and so are YOU!! So, let’s do something about it.

In May we will be cycling around this beautiful province of New Brunswick in accordance with public health advice , travelling approximately 1000km in seven consecutive days to energize ourselves and hopefully create a revitalized awareness to the need for purpose, Mental Wellness, SMILES and for things that Inspire us.

Don, Matt and all our friends at Oldies96 share in our sentiment— we are EXTREMELY privileged to have such an awesome group partnering with us for this trip that will certainly make a lifetime of “Memories and More!”

Now… in case you’re wondering, The little voice in our heads has indeed caused us to question a challenge of this stature… be sure of THAT!


Why not do it? There’s absolutely no good answer to that.

Guess that’s WHY we’re doing it…We’re ALIVE and KICKING in ‘21!!!!

How about you?

We hope that at the very least you will join us for a laugh and a Smile from within!!!


Cycle of Life Team

Joey, Sonia, Stan, Katie, Stephen, Todd, Cheryl, and Shane